He trusts her with his eyecareMost of the time, people keep their visit to the eye doctor on the back burner because it doesn’t hamper their basic working, however, in case you are due for an eye check-up, you should not delay it and visit the doctor on a priority basis. It is imperative to take an appointment and get the check-up done before the problem becomes severe. In case of eyes, the problem doesn’t always show up in the beginning, hence, it’s important not to neglect any small issue with eyes.

Before you get an appointment, it is important to understand that eye doctors are categorized as either ophthalmologists or optometrists. You should select one based on the issue you are facing. Random visits are not advisable as it will not serve the purpose. So, let’s understand what these two categories mean and when you should contact them:


Do you already use glasses and have got an eyesight number? Do you just want to get your eyes rechecked as part of the routine check-up? Are you looking for the refractive surgery as an option? If the answer to all these three questions or even one of them is yes, then you surely need to opt for an optometrist.


There are many other symptoms that should be identified and an appointment at an eye doctor should be made. One should go for an ophthalmologist in case there is a constant pain or irritation in the eyes at all times, suddenly you feel that you are not able to see things or read far off or nearby things properly, continuous pain in the head which might be triggered due to poor vision quality etc. These things should not be taken lightly and appointment should be booked as soon as possible. Eyes are your window to the world.