One Last is referred to as “The Article Space.” It is where no topic is off limits, there are no right or wrong answers and people can seek and find answers, insight and guidance on any topic. The idea behind the Article Space is a creative and innovative space where articles are stored logically but there is no theme or underlying topic, it is simply a database of articles.

The site is open to contributors and authors worldwide. If you are an expert in your field, a world traveller, a knowledgeable student or simply an amateur author, there is room for you here. Articles are reviewed but not restricted or censored. This site is a blank page for authors all over the world. There are articles about choosing an eye doctor and there are articles about public speaking, it is a great space to seek out information on any and all topics you may need info on.

We do, however, remind our readers that articles are not written by anyone on staff and as such, we can not guarantee the legitimacy or facts/figures in the articles posted. Use your best judgement and caution when reading an article. The Article Space does its best to ensure that articles are fact based or are written in a legitimate way but there is always the risk, as with anything on the internet, that there are some mistruths or incorrect information. There are also opinion pieces on the site which should be treated as such and not mistaken for facts.